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Breaking News: Statutory Sick Pay Legislation

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak made his debut today delivering his first budget in the House of Commons.

As part of the Governments tax and spending plans for the year ahead, the Chancellor announced that small businesses in the UK, (less than 250 employees), will be reimbursed for any statutory sick pay they pay to employees during the first 14 days of sickness absence.

Momentarily, there is no reimbursement of statutory sick pay for small businesses, and the Chancellor estimates that whilst this may cost the government up to £2billion, it will help more than 2 million small businesses in the UK.

The current rate of SSP is £94.25 per week, with this due to rise to £95.85 per week from the 06th April 2020.

It is not known at the moment if this change is temporary in light of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, or whether it is permanent, however we believe this is great action from the government in any circumstance and is sure to help many small business stay afloat whilst managing sickness absence.

If you need some advice on SSP, managing absence or what coronavirus means for your business and your employees, get in touch with us today for a chat.

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